The first tee of greater san antonio jUNIOR ADVISORY BOARD (JAB)

The Junior Advisory Board is comprised of high school students who are active in the program and want to give back by creating fundraising events and leadership opportunities.

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The first tee of greater san antonio JUNIOR COACH PROGRAM

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We invite all participants age 13+ to get involved as Junior Coaches. All positions involve working directly with our coaches and staff with ample support and guidance, including seasonal chapter coach workshops. Start as a volunteer, then consider the internship and ultimately the role of assistant coach. Training increases at every level, and our goal is to support the program’s objectives as well as your own in taking the next steps in life!

All leaders in The First Tee are known as “coaches,” and our primary role is exactly that, but we have many more responsibilities as well that can include special events, communication, technology and data management, and curriculum development.

For all positions, there is no minimum hourly commitment, but a consistent weekly schedule will be developed for you each season based on your availability.

For information about Teen Opportunities, contact Taylor Carruth at (210) 585-6251 or email today!