The First Tee STEm links program

The First Tee is linking young people to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through a program called First Tee STEM Links. The STEM Links program supports “School” by bridging participant learning in science and math classrooms to practical experiences in golf. The First Tee STEM Links leads participants through nine STEM experiments. The First Tee coaches deliver the program to participants ages 10-18, measuring their activities and progress through a “range book.” As an example, participants learn how STEM concepts such as geometric scaling, kinematics and six degrees of freedom are skills needed for reading greens and holing putts.  Participants also learn the function of golf clubs by charting the domain (distance) and range (dispersion) of each club which will improve their ability to plan and estimate when playing the game.

To learn more about The First Tee STEM LINKS Program in your community, call Mark Tisdale or Taylor Carruth at 210 736 9592 or email Mark at or Taylor at