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The First Tee of Greater San Antonio


  • Participant ages range from 8-18.
  • Participant ability levels range from beginner to advanced.
  • Average class size is ~30 participants with ~3 coaches.
  • Participants generally attend class 1 day per week for 1.5 - 2 hrs/wk.
  • Typically, the programs are conducted for 10 weeks at a time. The intent is that The First Tee becomes less of a program and more of a club that kids join and grow up with.
  • Annual Membership Fee of $70/year. This is a one time fee, there are no additional or hidden session fees throughout the year. Financial assistance is available if needed.
  • The program is conducted at the Polo Field Golf Center, Mission Del Lago and Windcrest Golf Courses.
  • Equipment is provided for participants to borrow during the program.


Our Youth Leadership & Curriculum Focuses On:

  • How to manage emotions
  • How to set goals
  • How to resolve conflicts
  • How to introduce themselves
  • How to communicate with others
Nine Core Values:
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Sportsmanship
  • Respect
  • Confidence
  • Responsibility
  • Perseverance
  • Courtesy
  • Judgment

Nine Healthy Habits:

  • Energy
  • Play
  • Safety 
  • Vision
  • Mind
  • Family 
  • Friends
  • School
  • Community 

The First Tee Code of Conduct:

  • Respect for Myself
  • Respect for Others
  • Respect for my Surroundings 

Golf & Life Skills Experience

Through The First Tee Golf and Life Skills Experience, a curriculum for teaching character education through specific life skills, young people around the world discover how the skills essential to success on a golf course can help them flourish in life. These skills include, self-management, interpersonal communication, goal-setting, mentoring and effective conflict resolution. The Life Skills Experience sets The First Tee apart from many other junior golf programs and youth initiatives, and ultimately strives to instill in participants The First Tee Nine Core Values.

Certification Levels

1. PLAYer Level : (required minimum age of 8) All first time participants enter at this level. The PLAYer level introduces how to play the game of golf, with special emphasis on learning golf and Life Skills, appreciating the rules and etiquette of the game, and developing your game in golf and life.

2. Par Level : (recommended 9 & older) Par is for participants who successfully complete the PLAYer level. Life Skills include communication skills and self-management. Golf skills include the fundamentals: grip, stance, posture, and rules and etiquette.

3. Birdie Level : (recommended 11 & older) For participants who have completed the Par curriculum and have passed an instructor evaluation. Life Skills focus on goal-setting. Golf skills focus on putting, chipping, full swing, course knowledge, and rules and etiquette.

4. Eagle Level : (recommended 13 & older) For participants who have completed the Birdie curriculum and passed another instructor evaluation. Life Skills focus on mentoring, career planning and conflict management. Golf skills include course management, mental playing strategies, and all aspects of the golf swing.

5. ACE Level : (required minimum age of 14) Highest participant level. Focuses on personal planning and reinforces interpersonal effectiveness and growth, and pursuit of golf skills and competitive playing opportunities.


Programming is available to any child 8-18 years of age. Participants join the program when they register for a PLAYer class, the first level of The First Tee Program. Members enjoy many benefits, including access to our facilities. The annual membership fee is $70 yearly. Parents are also encouraged to help support the program in a number of ways: through financial donations, equipment donations, volunteering and supporting our fundraising activities. All playing levels are welcome.To register your child for a PLAYer class call 210.736.9592, or come by the Polo Field Golf Center anytime between 8AM & dark. 

Attendance Requirements:

Attendance is important and is a criteria for advancement but we do not require that you advance in a given time frame. Every child can advance at there own pace. However, the more regular your attendance, the sooner you will be eligible for advancement.