Polo Field Golf Center

Polo Field Golf Center  

Home of The First Tee of Greater San Antonio

915 E. Mulberry Ave.

San Antonio, TX 78212

(210) 736-9592 - Golf Shop

PLAYer Level

(All new entrants ages 8 & older) Introduces how to play the game of golf, with special emphasis on learning golf and life skills, appreciating the rules and etiquette of the game and developing  your game in golf and life. Pre-registration is required. Upon successful completion of this program, participants move on to Par Level

Par Level 

(recommended 9 & older) 2nd level. Par is for participants who successfully complete the PLAYer level. Life Skills include communication skills and self-management. Golf skills include the fundamentals: grip, stance, posture, and rules and etiquette.

Birdie Level 

(recommended 11 & older) 3rd level.  For participants who have completed the Par curriculum and have passed an instructor evaluation. Life Skills focus on goal-setting. Golf skills focus on putting, chipping, full swing, course knowledge, and rules and etiquette.

Eagle Level 

(recommended 13 & older) 4th level.  For participants who have completed the Birdie curriculum and passed another instructor evaluation. Life Skills focus on mentoring, career planning and conflict management. Golf skills include course management, mental playing strategies, and all aspects of the golf swing.

ACE Level

(required minimum age of 14) 5th level. Highest participant level. Focuses on personal planning and reinforces interpersonal effectiveness and growth, and pursuit of golf skills and competitive playing opportunities.